My wife Cheryl and I originally got into a Miniature Zebu business for the purpose of retaining our agricultural exemption status. Only having 20 acres we knew that wouldn't support the amount of full sized cows the county required along with our horses. Since then our cows have become part of the family and have worked out terrifically with our pasture management. Anyone who has horses knows that you're always having to mow areas that the horses won't eat. With the Zebus, they aren't as picky and will eat what the horses won't.

We like to encourage people who move to some acreage who think they need a horse to eat the grass to consider buying a couple of Zebus instead. They are better lawn mowers as they eat all the grass, and with their split hooves are less destructive to the pasture. They are easy keepers as they don't require regular feedings of grain and only need water and all the grass or hay they want. They learn their names and come when called. They enjoy hand fed treats and back scratches.